About the Author

Tabitha is an author, business owner, wife and mother. She lives with her husband Brad and their three children, Tinley Garret, Noah, and their dog Hank. Tabitha enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, running, biking and exploring their country property on summer evenings with her family.

As a teenager survivor Tabitha experienced many opportunities that have helped her for a unique insight into the adolescent experience.

High School Credentials:

  1. Prom Queen, 2004
  2. Homecoming Queen, 2003
  3. Consistent table for 1’er
  4. Prom Princess, 2003
  5. Expert bathroom stall crier
  6. Homecoming Court, 2002
  7. Cheerleader, 2002, 2003,2004
  8. Skilled Friday night laundry folder
  9. Chorus member, 2000-2004
  10. Introvert in Disguise
  11. Recipient of the Masonic Lodge Scholarship
  12. Participant in the Young Life Organization
  13. Participant in the school mentoring program