Jacob McCoy January 30, 2019

Give this to a teenager you love – 5 stars via Amazon

A great guide for teens today as well as mothers parenting teens. Many of us have felt alone, dejected, out of place…this is a realistic story that portrays the heart of worries & concerns of teens, their mothers, and unfortunately, adult women too.

Terri Maulding October 16, 2018

Great book! –  5 stars via Amazon

Diary of a Lonely Prom Queen is a great book for women of all ages to read, but especially for those with teenage girls in their lives. The author shares her story and experiences during her high school years. She offers great advice and encouragement for teenagers and their families. She also shares different perspectives from teenage girls and mothers of teenagers during their high school years. They share how important it is to keep God in our lives and to reach out for support and encouragement. I highly recommend for mothers and daughters to read this book together. It offers encouragement and great advice for both.

Beth Lepper October 8, 2018

Via facebook

Lots of great information on raising an emotionally strong daughter during the tough teen years. Perspective from both daughter and her mother.

Krystle Deibert October 4, 2018

Via facebook

Great book that has great tips for parents of teens that’s shared through an easy-to-read experience-driven format.

Meme October 3, 2018

The compassion towards everyone – 5 stars via Amazon

This book I bought for my granddaughters and ended up reading it myself. It is well planned out and thought out. She speaks from the heart and it made me laugh and cry both. It is a must read for women of all ages. For the younger girls to feel like they are not alone, and there is hope, and for the mom or grandmother to always remember the importance of being present. It drives home the importance of God in our lives, and just as important that we need to stick together as a whole and not try to find all the negatives in any/all situations. A must read for all females.

Chef Charley September 27, 2018

One of my friends from my mom group recently published her own book…. I mean how cool is that?!

The author, Tabitha, or Tab as I call her, is a sweet person with a big heart. Unbeknownst to many people, myself included, we did not know that she struggled so much during her high school years. She has always been an anxious person, and her adolescent years weren’t the best for her. People who knew her in high school had no clue what she was experiencing on the inside.

Her book, Diary of a Lonely Prom Queen: Reflections on Parenting Teenage Girls from a Teenage Survivor, is from her perspective of high school. She was well known, homecoming queen, prom queen, and yet she felt like she didn’t have any true friends. In her book, she talks about anxiety and depression, how it affected her throughout high school, and how she got through it. She wanted to tell her story as a way to heal, but also more importantly to give a kind of reminder to be conscience of the issues faced growing up.

Read full review on Chef Charley’s website.

Whitney September 23, 2018

So encouraging – 5 stars via Amazon

This is a very positive book and a quick read. I believe everyone could take something away from this book.

Kathleen Goodson September 21, 2018

Thoughtful and Honest – 5 stars via Amazon

This book was written in such a thoughtful and helpful manner that every young lady and woman should read this. The author provides sound guidance on patience and understanding to what can be a very trying time for young women. I also like how she encourages all women to be supportive and listen to others, we are not here to be better than anyone but who we were yesterday! If you have a teenage daughter this will be so helpful!

Tammy Lemley September 18, 2018

Trials and teachings of lessons learned. – 5 stars

An account of a teen’s experiences, with an extremely loving and patient Mother to guide her way. Ultimately both provide sound advice for parents. An interesting perspective for parenting and self check.

Linda Smith September 18, 2018

A must read – 5 stars via Amazon

I recommend this to every woman whether you have children or not; however, if you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or have a favorite girl in mind, a definite read. It gives so much insight into what girls really go through.

Kim Smith September 15, 2018

Very thought provoking and helpful!! – 5 Stars via Amazon

If you are a parent and want the best for your children and teenagers, this book has many Godly and practical insights into some of the difficulties our children go through and ideas for parents to help their teenagers deal with them from the authors first hand experiences.